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About IAAO

The International Association of Amusement Operators (IAAO) was formed November 2010 to strategically address the needs and concerns of indoor fun centers worldwide.

The goal of IAAO is to provide FEC owners and operators tactical and operational advice and services. The services range from a free strategic plan to use social media to drive more traffic more often, marketing tips in a weekly e-newsletter, operational advice on this blog and coming Fall of 2011, online webcast training for FEC owners and supervisors.

“Having been an operator of a laser tag center, I know that on a day-to-day basis the question operators have is ‘How do we get more people into our facility?'” explains Derek Giesbrecht, founder of FEC Network Inc. and IAAO director, “The aim of current and future benefits of IAAO is to increase traffic for FECs.”

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Nala Henkel is the IAAO Blog editor. She’s been in the marketing and advertising industry working with clients from financial institutions to tourism businesses as well as non-profit organizations for over 15 years. She is currently a social media consultant with FEC Network Inc. and freelance social media writer for several private businesses.

 FEC Network Inc. is owned by Derek Giesbrecht, who also serves as IAAO director. Nala Henkel is a social media partner with FEC Network Inc. and editor of the IAAO Blog.

IAAO offers tips, advice and strategies for driving more traffic more often to your fun center

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