Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

Some recent research from Common Sense Media (March, 2012) notes that

Nearly half of 13- to 17-year-old respondents said their favorite way to communicate with friends was in person. Texting was a close second, though, with one-third saying they preferred it.

Favorite way for teens to communicate according to research

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Note the word “favorite.” If you ask your teen what his or her favorite meal is, he or she might say “hamburgers.” That doesn’t mean he or she is eating hamburgers every day—they are actually eating what their parents put in front of them (at least, for the 13–17 year olds who still live and eat at home!)

One look around the local mall, the beach, or your fun center will tell you—teens use their phones, even when they’re face-to-face with a group of friends.

What do you think—are these findings matching what you see happening in your center?


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