Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

Last Tuesday, Marketing Sherpa released a research study of 1,915 marketers. It asked them to rank the degree of difficulty combined with the effectiveness of the various marketing channels they use. Here is the resulting graph:

What channels do YOU use to reach your fun center guests?

Click the chart to read the full article over on Marketing Sherpa.

While trade shows still ranked fairly high, it’s interesting that most of the other channels are online. Also of note, trade shows are ranked highest on the difficulty scale, which seems strange compared to content marketing and optimization—two much newer avenues of marketing that are more complicated to this writer than participating in a trade show.

The larger the circle, the more respondents use that channel. Therefore, while many respondents use social media, they find it middle-of-the-road for difficulty, and not very effective. It would be interesting to know if the group of 1,915 were made up of mostly business-to-businesses respondents. However this chart also underscores what a big win email marketing is for these businesses—highly effective and relatively easy.

The final point we can take away is also made in the article:

When your targets receive the same message from you via multiple channels, you create a consistent and engaging experience.

Tell us if you agree or disagree with this graph, as it relates to your fun center—please leave a comment.


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