Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

We know moms are important to reach. Quite often they decide on the weekend family outings, and they most definitely play a huge role in planning birthday parties.

There was a recent blog post by that shared an interesting infographic with some mom stats:

Mom statistics from Crowd Science

Click to go to the full graphic and article

So how can your fun center connect with moms? Based on the full infographic (click it to see it all) here are some ideas:

  • Reach out to moms who are blogging in your town. Offer them a family pass and/or tokens in exchange for an article about their experience. The key is you can’t ask them how to write it, just hope they have an awesome time.
  • Make sure your website is smartphone friendly. If 1 out of 10 moms have the latest gadgets, they’re probably already using smartphones, which aren’t new. Test your site on a smartphone and see how user-friendly the experience is.
  • Interact on Facebook. The graphic states 50% of moms are friends their children on Facebook. If you can engage them on your Facebook Page, moms posts are going to register on their children’s newsfeed…and get commented on for a nice trickle-down effect from friend to friend. Make sure you’ve posted your Facebook Page web address and a call to action that says more than “Like us on Facebook!” throughout your fun center. Next, posts mom-focused updates that ask interesting questions. Finally, reply to every comment.

What has been your most successful technique to reach moms?


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