Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

In a recent chart on, researchers uncovered what 1,500 Internet search marketers considered their top SEO tactics for getting website:

Top SEO tactics you can use for your fun center—click for larger version

Top SEO tactics you can use for your fun center—click for larger version

Content creation is a term to refer to digital content, such as audio podcasts, videos, blog posts, graphics, or images. The more fresh content you can create on your website, the more easily your website will be found when users search for what you offer.

In the full article, Marketing Sherpa’s Senior Research Analyst, Kaci Bower, says:

Unique and well-written content gives search engine spiders something to index, and supports the search engine’s goal of providing the most relevant results in response to a query.

We’ve always been a fan of blogging, as it’s one form of content that is fresh and ranks well in Google searches. This chart shows differently, however, in the opinion of a large group of SEO marketers—people who get paid for knowing how to “get websites found.”

This chart shows that search engines love more interactive content, such as video and audio which makes total sense when you think of how popular YouTube and iTunes are. Not only is it a good idea to produce simple but regular videos of your fun center and post them to YouTube, you might also want to expand your strategy by creating accounts on Vimeo, Viddler, Blip and a few other video sharing platforms.

What have you found to be your most successful tactic for boosting website traffic?


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