Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

You have a website and you have guests online who are searching for entertainment ideas. How do you make sure those searchers are finding your website?

Here are some simple SEO (search engine optimization) tips you can implement on your website.

1. Find out what your current guests are searching for when they look for entertainment such as yours on the Internet. You can do this in a survey, either online or offline. Poll Daddy or Survey Monkey are online survey services that have a free account level that should be able to cover what your surveying needs are. They also have good resources to help you build a simple survey and email a link to your email database.

Poll Daddy offers a free account for low-quantity surveyors.

A way to survey your guests offline is to make up simple questionnaire cards and hand them out in person (with a pencil) to your guests over a few days. Make sure you have a box near the door for collection. You want to ask them what did they/would they search for online in order to find information about your fun center.

Sample of a fun center survey card

2. Enter the phrases your survey respondents supplied in a spreadsheet and go to Search for “keyword tool”. You should end up here:

3. Enter the phrases one at a time in the top box of “Find keywords”, enter the captcha information and select the “Search” button.

Google Keyword Tool phrase search

4. Scroll through the list that appears below the search button and see what kind of search volume the phrase and related phrases are getting. You want to use highly searched terms in your website wherever possible—especially in page titles and the first paragraph of text on the same page.

Google Keyword Tool sample results

For example, if you have a page called “Birthday Party Packages” you could a rename it to “Birthday Party Ideas” and write two short paragraphs, one called “Birthday Party Ideas for Girls” (90,500 searches) and another called “Boys Birthday Party Ideas” (74,000 searches.) Obviously mix the article content on simple ideas and ideas that include your fun center. Make sure the article titles are coded as H3 or H2 (your developer will know what you mean.)

5. If you have images on that page, make sure they have names that use those search phrases, like “birthday-party-ideas-1.jpg” and so on. Also make sure that alt tags (these tell the browser to display something to the user until the image actually loads) also includes “birthday-party-ideas-at-ABC-Fun-Center”

6. Add a blog to your website. Many businesses don’t refresh the content on their websites on a regular basis, and Google (and other search engines) favor websites that have fresh content. You can keep the blog current by simply posting a couple paragraphs once at a week at the same day and time about the happenings at your fun center. Key here is to ALWAYS include one or more of the search terms your guest survey supplied (assuming they get decent searches each month) in your blog article title and first paragraph.

There is a LOT more to SEO, but this is one key element you can look at. What have you found to be helpful driving more traffic to your website?


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