Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

This is an interesting piece from an eMarketer Daily article.

Why consumers like Facebook Pages

Click the image to read the full eMarketer article

Our takeaway on this graph is that even though social media specialists will push using networks to be social and interactive, many consumers are expecting sales and promos from a business or brand page that they “like,” and why wouldn’t they? Your personality and “socialness” will come through when you reply to your fans’ comments, but your posts can be informational about fun center operations (hours, new staff, etc.) and offers (2 for 1 Tuesdays, or double-ticket Wednesdays).

The challenge for fun centers is to find a comfortable communication schedule. Don’t be shocked, but you should consider a schedule of 3-5 posts PER DAY. The reason is, the average Facebook user has 140 friends, not to mention at least 5 pages they like. That’s 145 bits of content filling their news feed constantly. How does your fun center get “seen”?

Making it easy

  • Pick 3-5 times a day you’ll be able to post, and stick to this time schedule for at least a week
  • Pick 3 topics to post about—for example an event that day, an upcoming special or promo, recognizing a guest
  • Post a photo along with one of your posts
  • Include a link to your website—for example, if you post a happy birthday message to a party you host that day, let your fans connect back to your birthday party register page
  • Monitor the impressions for each of your posts—which times get the most impressions, which topics seem to get comments or shared with others. This will help you continuously improve your Facebook Page activity and future ROI

What has been your best success on Facebook?


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