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If you want to connect with kids under 13 through your website—possibly through a contest or other fun event where part of their participation includes filling out an online form—your website has to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act rules (COPPA.) This act has been in effect since April, 2000.

You, Your Privacy Policy and COPPA

Click to download the pdf "You, Your Privacy Policy and COPPA"

The primary goal of this policy is to “place parents in control over what info is collected from their children online.” While children’s gaming sites are a prime target, any site that wants to collect information from young users falls under the governance of COPPA—and it’s probably a good policy to follow these rules for all ages.

Steps from COPPA

The COPPA guide outlines common sense steps that, very simply, make it transparent to parents and users what information you’re collecting, why you’re collecting it and how the information will be used.

  • Have an easy-to-understand privacy policy
  • In the policy, describe what information you collect, how your site handles it and if the information will be shared in any way (and with whom)
  • Link every page on your website to the privacy policy and a clear and obvious manner (the guide even states that a text link at the bottom of your site’s pages is not obvious enough and cites examples of animated gif used as privacy policy links)

Privacy policy examples

For more information on the Act in full, visit the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s website.


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