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StumbleUpon is a web service that lets its almost 15 million members rate your content and recommend it to other Stumblers, as well as show the user similar content to what they’re viewing. It’s a social network that connects users to eachother through shared common interests—which results in visits to sites their StumbleFriends like.

Users join StumbleUpon for free and select a wide variety of personal interests. Whenever they find content they’re interested in they can click the StumbleUpon icon to add it to their interests. Other StumbleUpon users can see that content when they log in, and click to read or follow it.

Choosing the StumbleUpon icon

The StumbleUpon icon is usually near the other social buttons like Twitter and Facebook.

A user can also choose a thumbs up or down, although this ranks the content against their listed interests. This rating allows StumbleUpon to “learn” which type of content to recommend, based on altering the user’s interests after each thumbs up or down.

A recent review of the most-viewed content of StumbleUpon includes street art, simple games, funny photos or humorous lists. For the most part the popular content are entertainment pieces that have gone viral.

Is it for you?

The value in belonging to StumbleUpon is its membership and having your website visitors share your content with their StumbleUpon followers. In light of the subject matter of the most popular content, it may not make sense to offer it, particularly if your web content is not updated on a regular basis. Our experience has been that StumbleUpon is most often found on blogs, where content is created regularly, and users recommend the articles (which contain those funny photos, humorous lists, etc.)

If you use StumbleUpon, what has your experience been?


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