Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

Mari Smith has an excellent video at Social Media Examiner with tips to get your fun center’s Facebook Page content actually seen in your fan’s news feeds. You can watch the full video here, but we’ve given you the 7 tips below, along with a little fun-center specific commentary.

Kernals of Facebook wisdom for your fun center

Here are some facts:

  • According to Mari, 90% of people who like your page don’t return—they’ll interact or view your content on their own profile’s newsfeed.
  • 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every month—that’s lots of competition for your fun center updates!
  • A complex algorithm controls what your fans see in their newsfeed, and it involves their affinity with your page, and the value Facebook gives your content.

Tips you can use for your fun center’s Facebook page

  1. Posting 2–5 times each day will get more engagement. According to Mari, more than this and your fans will consider it spam.Fans can easily select your content in their feed and hide it—or worse, unlike your page then and there.
  2. Keep each post to 80 characters or less.
  3. Photos, video and questions (through the Facebook Question app) gets the most traction. Of those, photos get the best response.
  4. Use full links instead of short links (as you tend to use in Twitter.) Mari mentions these get more engagement.
  5. Post between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. eastern time, which is the highest traffic time.
  6. Thursdays and Fridays see an 18% higher engagement rate by Facebook users than any other day.
  7. Post more often manually, rather than using a third party app. Facebook gives more weight to posts made when actually posting from Facebook.

Take away for fun centers

  • Posting 5 times a day seems like a lot to us, but if you take a look through your personal newsfeed you’ll see the sheer volume of content you’re up against. 5 times might just be enough to get you seen regularly.
  • 80 characters or less should help you keep up with a 2–5 post per day schedule. To stay on top of this, create an editorial calendar. Think of 2–5 topics you could speak to every day—staff shout-out, game of the day, food profile, guest shout-out, happy birthday…you get it!
  • Post photos of your fun center as often as you can, perhaps spread out to 1 or 2 per week. Check your stats on this regularly and see what the uptake is. It’s even better if you can tag people in the photos, which will send a notification to those people.
  • Full links probably get more engagement because users can see they’re going to a legitimate site. Short links let you track click throughs, but they also give no clue as to the content users will get to on the other side.
  • 10–4 p.m. eastern time makes sense for high traffic times. This would make it 7–1 p.m. pacific time, which can be covered with the help of a third party app for scheduling.
  • If the 5 times a day scheduling is a challenge, try it on Thursdays and Fridays to start with. Check your stats regularly to see if you’re getting more engagement.
  • Doh! What’s a busy fun center owner supposed to do, live on Facebook?! While it makes sense (as unfair as it seems) that Facebook rewards Facebook users and not third party app users, sometimes you have to do what lets you be most efficient. After all, you have a whole business to manage, and social media is just one component.

What has worked for your Facebook Page?


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