Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

Here’s a great bit of research on how one company increased customer loyalty. It’s taken from a article entitled How to Increase Online Customer Loyalty by 82%

(Note: Don’t let the word ‘online’ in the article title turn you off. As you’ll see, this fantastic example is for a CAR WASH!)

On two consecutive Saturdays, they gave out a total of 300 customer loyalty cards. Half of those required 8 purchases to earn a free car wash. The other half required 10, but instead of requiring the full 10, the car wash gave 2 car wash head-start as a free bonus.

This means, in both scenarios, customers still needed to make 8 additional purchases before they could redeem a free car wash. The only difference was varying degrees of completeness. On one hand, customers were 0% complete, and on the other, they were 20% complete.

Now the question is, would this “artificial” progress increase customer loyalty?

During the next 9 months, 28 out of 150 people without a head-start earned a free car wash, but 51 out of 150 people with the head-start earned a free car wash. That’s an increase of 82%!

Fun center guest loyalty

We all know giving something away creates good feelings in consumers for the brand. Our cynical sides may have thought “Well, they’ll use the freebies and then not return,” but this example proves this not to be the case.

It’s easy to see how this example could extend to a gaming or go kart punch card for your fun center.

How do you think your fun center could use this?


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