Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

Social media is not a stand-alone—it should be integrated with your full marketing communications plan. Marketing Sherpa recently asked over 3,000 marketers to what extent they were integrating social media:

Marketing Sherpa chart on social media integration

Click for the full article. Note: Marketing Sherpa may limit access after a period of time.

Many companies won’t integrate social media tactics such as offering promotions via Facebook or Twitter because they want to measure the specific results—they want to hold social media accountable, and not muddy the metrics on their other advertising. As always, there should be a strategy behind why a company adopts the use of Twitter, Facebook or other platforms, but the main purpose of social media is guest engagement. You wouldn’t launch a website and then not promote it, would you?

Fun center social media marketing—come and get it!

People of all ages have adopted these platforms in varying degrees, and it would be missing the boat not to explore and strategize on how to be present there, but with thoughtful planning on allocating resources to maintain that participation. And to create a following on your social media platforms, you need to cross-promote. You can do this easily by promoting your social media platforms

  • on your receipts
  • on door signage
  • on telephone hold messaging
  • on your business cards and other stationery
  • on POP signage

Does your fun center cross-promote your social media plaforms?


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