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Disney partnered with online ticket seller Fandango to create an app called Disney Tickets Together.

Disney partners with Fandango on Disney Tickets Together Facebook promo

Disney partners with Fandango on Disney Tickets Together Facebook promo summer 2011

Now, let’s put aside that developing this app is likely outside of most FEC’s budgets, but it’s good to look at these examples to see if they could spark ideas or thoughts for family fun centers.

Disney movie tickets app lets you invite Facebook friends

The app lets you invite your friends to a movie

Facebook is all about connecting with friends, so it makes good sense that Facebook initiatives should include an invite or share option, regardless of how simple or complex it is.

Having gone through the process of this app, it appears it was for a short period of time, linked to a contest (that expired two weeks ago) and wasn’t valid in our area (no theaters were found.)

Intelligence to consider

  • Be up front on the purpose of the app. This one appeared to be a contest, but you only learned that after getting to step 3.
  • Stay on top of closing dates of promotions. This avoids frustration of guests going through the process of an app and being disappointed at the end that it is no longer valid. Again, the end date to this promotion was revealed after step 3.
  • If there are geographic limits, state it up front before a user beings the app process.
  • Try out the app with real people before it goes live. For example, I only wanted to invite one friend and had no control over where the app showed me she would sit. Maybe this doesn’t matter in the long run, but it caused a question in my mind. Anything that causes a question in the user or guest’s mind needs clarification.

Have you seen interesting examples of Facebook business Pages?


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