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They’re cute, or cool…or even scary! But mascots are a fun way to add personality and personalization to your fun center brand. Mascots are perfect to send out to community events or sponsorships. They say “fun” in a way a staff member in a logo shirt and hat can’t quite communicate. They also provide an easily-remembered visual identity for your fun center.

Hard decisions need to be made first.

  • Is the expense of a mascot justified by the brand awareness and differentiation a mascot could provide your fun center?
  • Will you be able to prepare a communication plan to roll out the new mascot and capitalize on any press attention?
  • Do you have the resources for a live mascot ready and able—two people minimum, one to wear the costume and the other as the “handler” to guide and protect the mascot and intercept any mascot-targeted “fun” such as foot-stomping?

All systems go!

If you have decided to move ahead, here are some creative ways to add a mascot to your fun center business—and then make it come to life!

  1. Logo—Think Wendy’s. The simplest starting point is to incorporate a character into your existing logo.
  2. Promotional items—Think Jack-in-the-Box. The Jack mascot came to life on 1995 when the first antenna ball Jack was created, and commercials announced his new role as “maverick CEO of Jack in the Box.” (JITB pic)
  3. Live mascots—Think McDonalds. Ronald McDonald came about in 1963. At new restaurant openings, there was always a Ronald McDonald present (along with a few other characters) greeting customers and lending excitement to the grand opening event. (RM pic)
Three successful fast-food mascots.

The food industry has perfected the fun mascot.

Creating the mascot

  • Logo—Go to a local graphic designer or even a local art school and commission a design. Consider several factors, such as what kind of mascot (animal, human, combination) best fits your existing brand. Brand elements to look at are your name, existing graphical elements in your signage and the decor of your fun center.
  • Promotional items—Search for “promotional sales items” on the Internet, and you’ll get lots of choices. Once you have your mascot designed for your logo, find three companies that produce the item you want to develop and request a quote for a customized product. Send them your mascot and new logo as a starting point for design.
  • Live mascots—This is similar to the promotional item step, although you’ll find fewer suppliers. If you’ve had some themeing done for your fun center, your themeing supplier would be a good starting point.

If you’re looking for some direction in developing a mascot costume, here are some quick Internet finds:

Are you thinking about creating a mascot for your fun center?


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