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There are many good reasons to have a blog. First, it forces you to communicate about your fun center. Second, if your blog is hosted on your website, it adds a page to your website with every article you post, which gives Google lots of new information to index and share with the world. Third, it allows you to put a human voice to your corporate brand.

There are also some drawbacks. Probably the biggest con to blogging is coming up with fresh, interesting content on a consistent basis. In the day-to-day grind of dealing with guests, dealing with staff and dealing with all the other operational details of your fun center, writing blog content might not just be on the back burner—it’s probably out the door and around the corner!


If your fun center is blogging, and you find yourself in a creativity slump, here are 10 article ideas that will get your blog-writing juices going. We’ve shown the fictional “ABC Fun Center” to represent your fun center’s name.

  1. “Meet ABC Fun Center’s (insert name of newest staff member)”
    Let your readers get to know your new staff members. Talk about their role at your fun center, some of their interests and what their goals are. This helps personalize your business and makes staff members feel recognized too.
  2. “Behind the scenes on (insert name of game or attraction) at ABC Fun Center”
    Share what goes into maintaining or repairing Skee-ball, or how many pounds of popcorn is consumed in a week. Pick one topic and explore it inside and out. People really are interested, and it makes them feel closer (and more loyal) to your fun center when they know what makes it tick.
  3. “Congratulations to (recent big winner of a redemption prize)!”
    Celebrate the wins in your fun center. When someone wins the Nintendo game or huge stuffed animal, be ready to take a picture (with parents approval if necessary) and invite the family to your blog to read the article. Your readers will be interested in knowing that exciting things happen at your fun center.
  4. “You must like our (insert name of most popular food item for the week or month)!”
    Knowing that 100 lbs of pizza (or whatever the case may be) was eaten in a week at your fun center is trivial yet fascinating information for some people. Also, it reminds readers that you serve food and that it’s delicious. Sharing it as trivia is the best way to promote your food services.
  5. “Why birthday parties at ABC Fun Center ROCK!”
    Talk about the birthday party experience at your fun center. If possible, ask a mom if you can feature their child’s party in exchange for some free golf or tokens. Arrange this in advance so you can be prepared with a camera on birthday party day. The alternative is to ask the mom to email you some pics afterwards. NOTE: If birthday parties DON’T rock at your fun center, you need to step them up so they do!
  6. “5 Reasons to spend (name the next holiday) at (name your fun center)”
    If you see jumps in attendance around holiday weekends, talk about why these guests are spending time at your fun center. If you don’t see a surge, come up with a special event or offer to make it happen. Start tying “long weekend plans” to your fun center in the minds of your readers.
  7. “Meet ABC Fun Center’s (insert the name of the longest term staff member)”
    On the opposite side of the spectrum of staff are those that have been there a few years. This could even be you! Write a Q&A style article on why he/she/you started there, how the job is fulfilling, and the little things that make your day. Again, talking about people is a great way to humanize your fun center business.
  8. “Why (insert your fun center’s name) supports (name a non-profit organization your fun center supports)”
    It’s important for businesses to give back, either to the community or to a specific cause that is important to your or your staff as a whole. It might have to do with children (a definite shared value of your fun center) or a niche interest such as amateur golf or racing (or another hobby that ties in to the offerings of your fun center.) If you don’t have an affiliation yet, it’s never too late to begin. Your mom readers want to know that your fun center cares about something beyond profits.
  9. “Why (name your slowest day/time) is the BEST time to visit ABC Fun Center.”
    Every fun center has “dog days”—times when you can hear crickets. The biggest benefits to slow times for your guests are no waits, no crowds and likely fresh food. These slow times make sense for parents or daycare providers to bring the younger kids, so consider a specific promotion to these groups, allowing them to take advantage of the slow times.
  10. “This week only—2 for 1 tokens for (name one of your arcade games)!”
    For this offer, you could have a staff member literally stand at the game with a bag of tokens for the 2 for 1 deal. Make sure you have a small business-card sized handout to drive them to your blog to get the latest announcements of when these special offers happen. Since you’re going to be analyzing your blog traffic, you can promote this special blog offer on your Facebook Page and through your Twitter stream. Analytics will tell you which medium is driving traffic—even if it’s direct from your handout card.
Enticing food pictures are great blog content!

Adding enticing food pics is always a great idea!

Other tips

  • Include your fun center name in the title whenever possible
  • Always include an image in your blog post
  • On your images, always add alternate text and a caption
  • In alternate text and captions, include your fun center’s name if appropriate to help draw more search engine attention. For example, “Josh S. beating the go-kart competition at ABC Fun Center.”
  • Try to add subtitles—it makes the content easier to read
  • When writing about aspects of your fun center, include body copy links to the relevant information on your website. Eg. link your birthday party article to your birthday party reservation page.
  • Always end your blog post with a specific call to action. Eg. “Come down for some great racing this week. Our hours are…”

Is your fun center blogging? Tell us why or why not in the comments.


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  1. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

    • Thanks for your comment! Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover for your fun center.

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