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Facebook PagesIt’s not a secret that you need to tell people about your Facebook Page, and what information they will get there. What seems to be a secret are the many different ways and places to get that message out.

Tips about your Facebook Page

You should have a corporate fun center Facebook Page that covers these topics:

  • New job postings and new hires
  • Changes in hours
  • New attractions or games
  • Behind the scenes look at your fun center
  • Major business announcements, such as a second location, expanding your existing location
  • Call outs to guest having birthday parties, corporate events or large family gatherings

You should develop a second Facebook Page for a niche group of fans. Here are some areas where you could create a special interest:

  • Go-kart league
  • Mini golf league
  • Skee-ball league
  • Best scores on your favorite arcade game
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You should also make sure of the following:

  • Your promotional materials (business cards, rack cards, brochure, website and other collateral) show the Facebook icon AND the… URL (website address) in full
  • Your Facebook Page(s) have well-written content
  • Your Facebook content is scheduled regularly—at least one post per day, every day

The 6 secrets

These revolve around repetitive and consistent communication. Every time a guest interacts with a staff member, piece of collateral or hears an ad or sees a message about your fun center, they should be encouraged to follow you on Facebook.

  1. Receipts and forms—Every piece of operational paper you produce should encourage the holders of those forms and receipts to “Follow us on Facebook for exclusive discounts and updates!”
  2. Window decals—Post decals with your color logo and Facebook Page URL on all entrance and exit doors.
  3. Twitter—Tweet every Facebook Page post.
  4. POP—At your tills and food center tables make sure a “Follow us…” message is included on all tent cards.
  5. Arcade game decals—Same as your window decals, put these on your arcade games, especially if you have a club or league focusing on the game.
  6. Phone message—Your hold and off-hours messages should include a push to follow your fun center on Facebook.

Have you had success in growing your Facebook fans? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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