Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

Google Analytics is the best silent partner you’ll ever have. It tells you who visited your website, if they are new or returning visitors, which pages they entered on and which they left on…and a huge amount of other things for FREE. When has research or analytics ever been free?!

It’s possible your web hosting company has already installed the Google Analytics code on your website. If you’re doing it yourself (eg. using a site or blog) those come with some analytic tools built in. However, I’d recommend adding Google Analytics to your site. Because Google is still the most widely used search engine with arguably the most complex set of search algorithms, it makes sense to use a Google tool to measure traffic.

Three options in Google Analytics to measure your website traffic

Just three of the options available to help you analyze your website traffic.

How do you use Google Analytics? In upcoming articles we’ll examine the “Goals,” “Campaigns” and “Custom Reporting” features.


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