Intelligence on getting more traffic, more often!

As an arts student, numbers aren’t my strength. Science in general can mystify me. Once, many years ago, I listened to the Stephen Hawking book “A Brief Moment in Time” during my regular 45-minute-each-way commute. I kept a grasp on each listening session for about 10 minutes, then the concepts evaporated like a mist.

Yet I am strangely drawn to reading articles that talk about Google’s algorithms. Learning the science behind search I find very intriguing. But this article will work for anyone. It explains how users—actual people!—are helping Google improve its search results. The article ends with “Historically, Google always looked to its Pagerank technology which scored sites based on how many other high quality sites were linking to them.  And while Pagerank will continue to play a major roll in Google’s search engine results algorithm, Google will be innovating and improving its core product and the users will help Google to do this.”

Do you have a search strategy for your fun center’s website?


Nala Henkel is a social media partner with FEC Network Inc. and editor of the IAAO Blog.


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